Digipack 'Amer'

Item description

Produced by The Prestige & Amaury Sauvé
Recorded live and mixed by Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle Studio, Laval, France.
Mastered by Bob Weston, Chicago, US
Art direction by Alex Diaz / Spaniard Studio
Photographs by Loic Véra

Released by :
Nature Morte (FR), Enjoyment Records (UK), Basement Apes (FR), Imminence Records (US), Bad Mood Records (CH), Dingleberry Records (GER).

Item will be shipped on April 15th.

Track Listing

  1. Amer
  2. Bête noire
  3. Léger de main
  4. Enfants terribles
  5. Voir Dire
  6. Négligée
  7. Ingénue
  8. Marquee
  9. Apaches
  10. Petite mort
  11. Cri de coeur

Pressing Information

This CD is a 4 panel digipack with 12 pages booklet.